Lighting the marquee since 1933!

* DLT Celebrates 90 Years *

No prior experience necessary.

Sides will be provided at auditions.

The show does contain mature themes.The Story: An absurdist black comedy about the demise of the Duncan family, and, by extension, the species.


Emma Duncan (20s-30s) - a hypochondriac with memory problems

Tommy (20s-30s) - Emma’s orphaned fiancé who is put to work as a maid

Todd Duncan (20s-30s) - Emma’s brother who returns home and announces he has AIDS

Grace Duncan (40s-50s) - Todd and Emma’s disapproving mother who is infected with denial

Arthur Duncan (40s-50s) - Todd’s father who tries to reach out to his son, but Todd is more interested in assembling the dinosaur bones he discovers in the backyard