Lighting the marquee since 1933!

DLT proudly presents the Winter One-Act Festival

Come celebrate the season withus as we present a wonderful collection of holiday themed vignettes

PERFORMANCES: December 13 & 14 @ 7:00 and the 15th @ 2:00

Tickets $10

Parental Discretion: Contains a few instances of mild swearing


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Don't be a Scrooge:
Written by James C. Ferguson (Plainville, MA)
Directed by Christopher Stokes (Vernon)
Scrooge, Lou Cusano (Lake Hiawatha) 
Bob Cratchit, Jeff Hall (Linden)
Mrs.Cratchit, Noel Fritzky (Stanhope)
Peter Cratchit, Jacob Wood (Dover)
Martha Cratchit, Catherine DeCarolis (Denville)
Tiny Tim, Davian X. Arroyo (Budd Lake)

Running Away for Christmas:
Written by Dale Griffiths Stamos (Santa Barbara, CA)
Directed by Larry and Ruthanne Pelham (Rockaway)
Herb, George Fear (Mt.Arlington)
Ron, Ted Nykun (Great Meadows)
Tony, Rory Hoban (Morristown)

Away in a Manger:
Written by John Minigan (Framingham, MA)
Directed by Joanne DeCarolis (Denville)
Joe, Jeff Hall (Linden)
Mary, Catherine DeCarolis (Denville)

A Very Criminal Christmas:
Written by Lori M. Myers (Irvington, NY)
Directed by Larry and Ruthanne Pelham
Mary Lou, Stephanie Rebels (Hackettstown)
Joey, Vincent C. Means Jr. (Orange)
Luke, Rory Hoban (Morristown)

The Christmas Card:
Written by Crystal Adaway (Alexandria, VA)
Directed by Christine Anderson (Jefferson)
Angel, Kirsten Ebbinghouser (Jefferson)
Carol, Stephanie Rebels (Hackettstown)
Holly, Noel Fritzky (Stanhope)
Harold, Vincent C. Means Jr.  (Orange) 

Putting Up With Misteltoe:
Written by Matthew Weaver (Spokane, WA)
Directed by Joanne DeCarolis 
Ivy, Lily Snow (Jefferson)
Hoagie, Davian X. Arroyo (Budd Lake)

Very Silent Night
Written by Seth Freeman (Pacific Palisades, California) 
Directed by Christine Anderson
Franz, Jeff Hall (Linden)
Marta, Jen Dorr (Wharton)
Jakov, Peter Brown (Linden)

Santa's Little Mrs.:
Written by Barbara Lindsay (Shoreline, WA)
Directed by Larry and Ruthanne Pelham
Santa, George Fear (Mt. Arlington)
Mrs. Claus, Susie Wright (Jefferson)

Jorge Hosts Chanukah:
Written by Jonathan Josephson (Pasadena, CA)
Directed by Joanne DeCarolis
Enrique, Lou Cusano (Lake Hiawatha)
Jorge, Peter Brown (Linden)
Hannah, Joy Dolan (Morristown)

Swans Gone Wrong:
Written by Mara Dresner (Rocky Hill, CT)
Directed by Larry and Ruthanne Pelham
Mia, Noel Fritzky (Stanhope)

Twas the Day After Christmas:
Written by Steven Korbar (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
Directed by Christopher Stokes
Iris, Stephanie Rebels (Hackettstown)
Mr. Helmsted, Lou Cusano (Morristown)

The Day Santa Ignored Us:
Written by Hank Kimmel (Atlanta, GA)
Directed by Larry and Ruthanne Pelham
Son, Jacob Wood (Dover)
Mother, Joanne DeCarolis (Denville)
Santa, Rory Hoban (Morristown)