Lighting the marquee since 1933!

                          WE ARE BACK !
On behalf of myself and all of us DLT we would like to say Thank You.
Thank you
Everyone who has supported us over the past 89 years.
Thank you
Everyone who has so generously donated this past year to help keep our Little Theatre going.
Thank You 
For all of the front line and essential workers for your selfless sacrifice to help keep the rest of us moving forward.

The Pandemic has affected us all on some level. From the loss of loved ones, the lack of social contact and the feelings of isolation. It has hit the entertainment industry drastically, affecting the biggest names in Hollywood to the catering trucks providing lunch for the crew.

As we move towards a staged reopening our guest's and staff's safety is at the forefront. We assure you that we will take every precaution outlined by the CDC to help assure your safety.

To all of our patrons with an up to date paid membership pre-pandemic, we would like to extend your membership into this next season.
We are very excited to reopen into our 89th season, to have the opportunity continue to provide quality LIVE THEATRE to our community is an honor.

Please look to our website over the upcoming weeks for our up coming season.
in the meantime. . .
As always we look forward to seeing you at the show.

Stay safe and be well
Larry Pelham

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  To our patrons and friends,

We all hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these troubling times. As with many other small businesses, the outbreak of COVID-19 has led us to an increasingly dire financial situation. Being an arts organization that mostly operates on the income of ticket sales, and with the prospect of safely reopening being pushed ever further back, DLT faces an uncertain future. While we have been fortunate to receive many generous donations from our patrons, we must seek many more in order to survive the rest of this pandemic. Without your support, the rich 87 year history of Dover Little Theater will come to an end. While we continue to search for ways to bring our service to the community, we desperately ask that you consider donating to keep our little theater alive through this crisis. 

Please donate below:

Thank you for supporting our little theatre, and we hope to see you back at DLT as soon as we can safely open. 


Larry Pelham

President, DLT

​Announcing "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Written by William Shakespeare 

Directed by Dorothy Jo Blomquist 

Oberon / Theseus - Harvard Fraser
Titania / Hippolyta - Heather Stevenson
Puck - Steve Marcario
Hermia - Bailie Stypa
Helena - Tori Sheffer
Demetrius - Ben Cruz
Lysander - Sabrina O’Conner
Bottom - Vincent Means
Peter Quince - Noel Fritsky
Francis Flute / Cobweb - Vin Verducci
Tom Snout / Peasblossom / Lead Fairy - Melyssa Searcy

Starveling / Mustard Seed - Christine Anderson

Snug / Mote - Cas Hardy