Auditions for 2019-2020 Season

By Mary Chase
Directed by: Michelle Samarel


  • SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 at 7:00 pm 
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 7:00 pm  
  • CALLBACKS (by invitation only) - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 at 7:00


When Elwood P. Dowd starts to introduce his imaginary friend, Harvey, a six-and-half foot rabbit, to guests at a society party, his sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter, Myrtle Mae, and their family from future embarrassment. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the verge of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood’s hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also? The doctors commit Veta instead of Elwood, but when the truth comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion. When he shows up at the sanitarium looking for his lost friend Harvey, it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood’s delusion has had a strange influence on more than one of the doctors. Only at the end does Veta realize that maybe Harvey isn’t so bad after all.​


  • Friday  1/31, 2/7, 2/14 @ 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 2/1, 2/8, 2/15 @ 8:00 PM
  • Sunday 2/2, 2/9 @ 2:00 PM

​Harvey Character Breakdown 
Elwood P. Dowd

- (age 40-55)  The most amiable man in town. He is the central character. His best friend is Harvey, an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit. Graceful, well mannered and charming. A dreamer and likeable gentleman. Eccentric and whimsical. He is Veta’s older brother, but the age difference is not essential. 
William R Chumley MD 

- (late 50’s - 80) An esteemed psychiatrist. Runs Chumley’s Rest, the towns sanitarium. Confident and sometimes pompous. He will do anything to protect his reputation of the sanitarium. *Usually played by an older actor. 
Lyman Sanderson MD 

- (age 20-30’s) A confident young psychiatrist who was handpicked by Dr. Chumley. Sarcastic and sometimes overly confident who commits the wrong person. He is infatuated with nurse Kelly, as she is with him, though he struggles to let on.  
Judge Omar Gaffney

 ​- (age late 40’s -80) The judge is an old family friend of the Dowds and the family lawyer. He is very protective of the family and surprisingly understanding of Elwood’s  belief in Harvey. *Usually played by an older actor. 
Duane Wilson

 ​- (age 20-39) Sanitarium orderly who is very loyal to Chumley’s Rest. He is in charge of “handling” patients who are uncooperative. *Blunt, brutish, loyal & simple minded.  

Veta Louise Simmons

 (age 35-55) Elwood’s younger sister. High society woman who is torn between her adoration for her delusional brother and the embarrassment he causes her family. Veta has returned home after the death of her mother. Her main focus is on getting Myrtle Mae married and fitting into high society. She loves her brother very much, and this is where the conflict of the play stems from.  (Unhappy, high strung, frustrated and empathetic). Many layers to her character. 
Myrtle Mae Simmons

 ​(age 20-30) Myrtle is Veta’s daughter (Elwood’s niece) Spoiled and self centered. She is anxious to get rid of her uncle and the embarrassment he causes the family with is imaginary friend Harvey. She is desperate to find a husband and she can’t do that with her Uncle and a bunny popping in all the time. *Inquisitive and frustrated. 
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet

 ​- (age 50-80) Mrs. Chavenet is an old friend of the family. A wealthy high society socialite, with a lot of influence in town. She’s a big member of the social circle Veta so desperately wants Myrtle to be apart of. (Only in act 1- may double as Betty Chumley). *Loud and dramatic. 
Ruth Kelly, RN

 ​- (age 18 -25) Nurse Kelly a young attractive young woman who shows naivety of her age.  Secretly in love/hate relationship with Dr. Sanderson. She has sex appeal who can still be playful and kind. * 
Betty Chumley

 ​- (in her 50’s) Dr. Chumley’s wife. Always sees the good in people. Cheery and generous and very talkative. (May double as Mrs. Chauvenet). 
Gender Neutral Role  E.J Lofgren (
​ open age) - He is a cab driver who takes patients to and from Chumley’s Rest and sees the negative results. His monologue helps drive the climax of the play.  


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All roles are NON-UNION.  No pay provided.

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