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For musical submissions, please indicate the name of the

     Musical Director:


1. Setting: Location, Description, and Time Period:


2. Please provide a brief synopsis of the work:



3. Please share your vision for staging the play:



4. Does the play have any musical elements that require special considerations?:



5. For a musical, are there any special considerations (vocal, orchestra, rehearsal outside the usual responsibilities for a musical director?):



6. Cast Breakdown:

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Total number of actors:

6a. Age breakdown of children:



6b. Are there any special character types, abilities, or casting concerns?



7. Are there any special considerations/difficulties with regard to special effects, props, costumes, lighting, set décor, sound effects, artistic painting, combat training, etc? Please also include an estimate of any usual expenses related to this production:



8. Are you aware of where this play has been produced locally in the past?:



9. Is there a specific time of year that you would like your play produced?:



10. Please tell us about your experience as a director.  Attach a resume if possible. (If you have directed at DLT in the past five years, this information is not necessary.):



11. Would you like the opportunity to meet with the Play Selection Committee regarding your submission?:


12. Are you planning on working with an assistant director? If yes, please provide their name:



13. Do you have your own stage manager? If yes, please provide their name:



14. Are you familiar with DLT and the staging and technical capabilities of the theatre?



15. If you have seen a DLT production, please list it here:



16. Do you have any additional concerns the Play Selection Committee should be aware of?:



17. Do you have anyone to work on your set construction?:



18. Please explain in detail your set requirements (sketches are helpful but not necessary for submission):

 “Outside the Box” Series

DLT is proud to present its Outside the Box series.  This is a fifth show to the season that will allow DLT to stage socially provocative work.  Any submissions for this series must hve a copy of the script submitted with this form in order to be considered.  Some examples of shows form DLT’s past seasons that would fit into this category are: The Pillowman and the Tape. Other examples are shows like How I Learned To Drive, Dog Meets World, etc.

Outside the Box shows will be required to have a talkback after matinee performances for audience Q&A with the cast and director.

If you are submitting for this position, please indicate the following:

1. Is this an original piece? If so, where is the author located?:

2. What qualifies this show as a feature in this series rather than in the regular four show rotation?:

3. Are you able to produce this show in a “black box” environment?:

4. If not, how minimal can you make the set requirements?:

5. Is there any particular part of this show that you would consider especially offensive or that the board should consider as a possible potential issue with the public?:

6. Have you ever directed a show like this before?:

7. What is it about this work in particular that makes you want to stage it? Why are you passionate about this piece?:

Dover Little Theatre, Inc. is a 501c(3) charity committed to the producing quality productions for our community.  We are a community theatre in the true sense of the term.  If chosen to direct, you must abide by all regulations set forth in the DLT constitution and by-laws.  Further, any director or stage manager (and, for a musical, musical director and choreographer) must sign a Code of Conduct or working at DLT.  Further, if your submission is chosen, you will be assigned a production manager from the DLT Board of Directors who is responsible for overseeing the production and acts as a liaison between the director and the Board.

Dover Little Theatre, Inc. an the DLT Board of Directors reserves the right to cease any staging that would compromise the integrity of Dover Little Theatre or place any actor, patron, or production volunteer in danger or is considered harassment.