We miss you!

Come join other Dover Little Theatre supporters for an online night of mayhem and mischief. It’s a gathering like no other. 

The evening is about the “disappearance” of Dr. Udat Hertz, the notable plastic surgeon. He’s the only one who would do incognito house calls during Covid19 to the wealthy, exclusive suburb of Gottalota Hills.

The Doctor Rings Thrice. But will he anymore?

Join us October 15th or  Saturday, October 17th  for a LIVE show of  “The Doctor Rings Thrice!” It’s partly interactive.  We humbly ask you for a $10 donation to DLT. Every cent of this production goes to our overhead costs. Please click on this link and in the memo state “Showtime” Oct 15 or 17 followed by your name:


 Zoom link and suspect Bios to follow in a separate email. Grab a drink, grab a partner and join us! Spread the word. It wouldn’t be a benefit Whodunit without you!

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  To our patrons and friends,

We all hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these troubling times. As with many other small businesses, the outbreak of COVID-19 has led us to an increasingly dire financial situation. Being an arts organization that mostly operates on the income of ticket sales, and with the prospect of safely reopening being pushed ever further back, DLT faces an uncertain future. While we have been fortunate to receive many generous donations from our patrons, we must seek many more in order to survive the rest of this pandemic. Without your support, the rich 87 year history of Dover Little Theater will come to an end. While we continue to search for ways to bring our service to the community, we desperately ask that you consider donating to keep our little theater alive through this crisis. 

Please donate below:


Thank you for supporting our little theatre, and we hope to see you back at DLT as soon as we can safely open. 


Larry Pelham

President, DLT

Lighting the marquee since 1933!